2013-02-09 Writing&Control

Writing&Control, Arnolfini. February 2013. 

For me writing, as with walking, preceded any understanding I had of ‘own practice’.  Note books accompanied me on long walks, and diaries (all of which sit in my studio draws), were filled from the age of 11.  Writing explores the cacophony of ideas and experiences that happen every day. I use it to note the literal, the overheard, the meaningful and the nonsensical. It accompanies my visual work, as well as being a practice in itself.  Blog post on Writing&Mapping at Writing& weekend, Arnolfini,

Over the last year, I have had the fortune to write for the wonderful Pretty Nostalgic magazine.  A British, bimonthly, independent publication celebrating the ethos “Spend Wisely, Waste Less, Appreciate More.”  The Art of Being Alone (Issue7) and Be a Tourist in Your Own Town (Issue9)  focus on using curiosity in solitude to nurture mindful and playful moments of focus in a stimulating world.  The Temple of Venus (Issue8), my first interview piece, had the great experience of meeting the fascinating artist Lucie Smailes, exploring her collections of 50s memorabilia and being inspired by her whole-life creative practice.

Currently I am working on a selection of short stories and zine projects, as well as returning to ink and paper on a daily basis to gather my thoughts and capture that which interests and intrigues me.  The pen listens to somewhere deeper than the tongue. Capturing what is noticed in a moment. Hinting at where to go next. 

Listen To Yourself


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