“Botanising on the asphalt”

Walter Benjamin

Walking has been part of my life/art/writing practice for as long as I can remember.  As a child growing up in amongst the green, green grass fields of Pembrokeshire I spent a great deal of time off on adventures over the neighbouring farmland.  In teenage years these became moments to retreat to my favourite stile and write, often rather earnestly, about all manner of things.  As I envelop myself in space to learn about, and from, my creative process, walking is once again an anchor. Using the simple act of ‘noticing’ and the integration of mindfulness became part of my work in early 2012 (28 Days Notice, Writing&). Documenting these excursions with drawing began for me in April 2013 (Home, Backpack drawings). 

Now, in November 2013, I begin to experiment and explore with the documenting these events in more detail.  I wish to archive my anchor. To record this action and see where it takes me. An ongoing project that grounds and supports me as well as providing material and encounters for other work. I am interested in the process of archiving  as a way of organising and validating experience and interactions. This feels very important to me as I begin to explore my creative process more deeply.  As a country born city dweller I am stimulated and fascinated by the affects of the environment on our thinking, relationships, feelings and activity.  With high sensitivity and a daily need for reflection and quiet I feel it vital to be exploring and recording my act of walking maintenance as a means of recognition of its importance for me within culture that favours the social, the extrovert, the non-stop stimulation. A learning quest. To be mindful, self-aware.  To recognise and let be those inner parts of ourselves, through space and listening, that often go unheard under piles of obligations, layers of noise and constant striving. To be curious and playful.  What will I find today…?

“It’s not only the transformation of the public consciousness that we are interested in, but it’s out own transformation as artists that’s just as important.  Perhaps a corollary is that community change can’t take place unless it’s transformative within us.  That familiar line – “I see the enemy and it is I” – means that every prejudice, every misunderstanding that we perceive out there int he real world is inside of us, and has to be challenged.”   

Alan Kaprow

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”

Anais Nin


Botanising on the Asphalt Materials

* Chartwell Survey Book – For documentation of walk.

* Soil Mechanics in Foundation Engineering: Volume Two – Theory and Practice. Z. Wilun and K Starzewski. 1975. Surrey University Press – Each page cut to line drawing box.

*Drawing Box – Contains paper and pens to document walking movement.

*Pens – Palette of Black, Brown, Red and Blue. Watercolour brush pen.


Parameters will be given to each walk before the walk commences.

> Page from Soil Mechanics in Foundation Engineering  will be dissected to fit the drawing box.

> Pens chosen from palette.

> The walk given a start point coordinate.Perhaps an end point.

> The walk is given a start time.  Perhaps an end time.

> Route unknown.  Walk takes place.

> Notes taken in Survey Book 2026.

> Objects collected – Decide before walk commences.

> Audio documentation – Decide before walk commences.

> Film/Photograph documentation – Decide before walk commences.


‘Walking Archive’ tags on blog page for updates.


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