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(one) mot

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Following the inspiring time I spent with Jo Keeling creating ‘Lost + Found’ I spent January to April 2014 deep in the studies of all things Digital Video at Ffotogallery.

I hadn’t foreseen how challenging and deeply satisfying a process this would be. To work creatively to deadlines and develop my technical skills in digital video production and editing have been exciting to say the least. This is just the beginning!

After many hours of looking at the world through the lens, I decided to create a dialogue free piece exploring what it is to be alone and to listen. The fine line between solitude and loneliness and my exploration of my relationship to space through walking and the landscape. The outdoor scenes were shot around my childhood home in South Pembrokeshire.

Exploring the use of sound to create narrative was a great learning for me. I am planning to create a following two short, 3 minute films to form a triptych. I am keen to introduce elements of handwritten language.



Lost & Found

I am very proud to present ‘Lost & Found’ the film collaboration debut from Jo Keeling  and myself.

As part of the brilliant Ffotogallery‘s  ‘Introduction to Digital Video’ course that Jo embarked upon in September, a short film was to be made. I was very excited when she came to me with the idea of making the focus our love for collecting.

To spend some time reflecting on how collecting has been a part of my  life was enlightening and energising and this made the basis for the script. Jo’s vibrant storyboard and directing brought this to life and it was such a blast to shoot!

I have been so inspired by Jo and our collaboration that I am due to start the course myself in a couple of weeks… I may stay behind the camera from now on!

A great creative start to 2014!

Lost & Found from Jo Keeling on Vimeo.

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