Lost & Found

I am very proud to present ‘Lost & Found’ the film collaboration debut from Jo Keeling  and myself.

As part of the brilliant Ffotogallery‘s  ‘Introduction to Digital Video’ course that Jo embarked upon in September, a short film was to be made. I was very excited when she came to me with the idea of making the focus our love for collecting.

To spend some time reflecting on how collecting has been a part of my  life was enlightening and energising and this made the basis for the script. Jo’s vibrant storyboard and directing brought this to life and it was such a blast to shoot!

I have been so inspired by Jo and our collaboration that I am due to start the course myself in a couple of weeks… I may stay behind the camera from now on!

A great creative start to 2014!

Lost & Found from Jo Keeling on Vimeo.

Apologies for the lack of embedding. Some Vimeo issue. Just click on link.


Slowing Down and Savouring

What a couple of weeks! Lots to digest, reflect on and put into the nicely decorated assortment of containers in my mind.

A fantastic weekend spent with the mischievous Jamie Catto in his Transforming Shadows workshop, followed by a week of Light Box staff appraisals and strengths based role development and setting up for Term 3 kicking off on Monday.  Topping off all of this fantastic learning and development I have received a new and beautifully smelling copy of Edition 7 of Pretty Nostalgic featuring my first published article!  The icing on an a nutty carrot cake, or what!  “The Art of Being Alone” was written at the end of last year after spending time (documented on these here pages) relishing the quiet creativity that being alone was bringing to my life.  After the voices got louder and then piped down a bit, of course.  Do go out/get on their website an pick up a copy if you like all things vintage and British and fun and all of those beautifully heartwarming pleasures that make life wonderful.

So here’s to savouring blue skies, greenery awakening all around us and really celebrating our good fortunes and ourselves, in all of our weird, wonderful and unique glory!


Home Project: Experimenting and Insights.

What a great and fruitful week it has been!  I have found myself swimming in the process (and slight obsession) with this creative project starting with the word “Home” and have been playing around with all sorts of things.  Different approaches to drawing I have found myself focusing on, and some very interesting writing sessions have brought out all manner of  ideas.

Having the time and energy to give to fully jumping into this exploration I have found myself brimming with ideas, thoughts, insights an energy! What a whole lot to handle!  The biggest, and most unexpected learning that has come out of this ongoing project, is learning, inch by inch, how to unleash and then try to tame this wild beast that appears to be creativity!

These ups and downs have brought me more and more in tune with listening to a part of myself I don’t think I have ever really heard before.  Where as in the past this struggle to define and battle to fully comprehend what was going on would have worried me deeply and blinded me with frustration, there is a certain flow beginning to take hold.

It also appears I am becoming friends with this relentlessly reflective part of me that I have berated for so long.  This.  Feels.  Wonderful.

So… on to some documentation of my experimenting.  I have a whole heap of bits I have been playing with, and would like to drip bits out over the next week while I carry on working.  Having this as a space to gather my thoughts and record what I have been doing, learning, feeling, hoping and reflecting upon I wish to utilise more.  In trusting that what I am doing has value as a process I say well done and thank you to it by giving it space to breath here away from my papers and books.

Drawing With Found Homeware and Objects and Bleach.

Drawing with Bleach

Found Objects: Coffee Shop Stirrers and Deli Cocktail Sticks.  Household Bleach.

Drawing with Vintage Utensils

Found Home Objects: Vintage Kitchen Utensils.

Drawing with Bleach

Process: Getting stuck in (in well ventilated room!) with AO piece of browny-gold paper (found at Scrapstore)Bleach Close Up

Close up – Materials make delicate, natural looking marks on the paper.  I enjoyed the surprising result of how rigid mark making tools and harmful bleach make organic shapes.  The beauty of finding things through the process!  It took some teeth gritting to not control this process too much trying to make it look like some “thing”.

Interestingly, upon reflection, I recall how more at “home” I have always felt out of door sat amongst long grasses in the field next to my child home, in my allotment, on beaches, out of sight of houses and often people…

Deeply in this process.  Amazing.

Drawing With Heat on Receipts.

Drawing with Heat of Household Receipts.

Household Receipts – Using Utensils (above) with hairdryer.

Drawing with Heat

Texture and Layers.

Heat Drawing with Potato Masher

Small, unintended details.


Brogue Love

I have a lot of love for leather brogues.  A simple pleasure, and in them I feel slick, smart and ready to rock!

mop top brogues

I bought these on line from the fabulous Vintage fashion blogger and seller The Mop Top.  They are the most comfortable and beautifully soft shoes.  I am in love with them.

Barker brogues

These are men’s vintage Barker brogues bought from etsy.  They are a perfect fit and so very gorgeous.  Wearing a pair of British crafted pieces of history is an honour.