MJJ Hand written inscription


Soil Mechanics in Foundation Engineering: Volume Two – Theory and Practice. Z. Wilun and K Starzewski. 1975. Surrey University Press

Within the pages of old  books I find connection.  A space to rest. A space to enquire. I squirrel away plastic covered tomes from storage boxes. The neat handwriting of my late father. 1976. Aged 29. The same age I am now. November. The month I begin this project. Sensitive souls. Time spent alone. Alone or lonely? Thoughts that escalated and envelope. “You’re so like your father.” Meaning being made. Relationship developing. Understanding flowing. No absolute truths. No answers. I chose my perspective. I feel. I walk, I draw, I write, I think. You are with me. You are part of me. I create to express. To celebrate and validate the sensitive nature we share. I root my feet in the soil, to make stronger foundations. Traces of existence, activity, self, other.  Relinquish control.



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