Slowing Down and Savouring

What a couple of weeks! Lots to digest, reflect on and put into the nicely decorated assortment of containers in my mind.

A fantastic weekend spent with the mischievous Jamie Catto in his Transforming Shadows workshop, followed by a week of Light Box staff appraisals and strengths based role development and setting up for Term 3 kicking off on Monday.  Topping off all of this fantastic learning and development I have received a new and beautifully smelling copy of Edition 7 of Pretty Nostalgic featuring my first published article!  The icing on an a nutty carrot cake, or what!  “The Art of Being Alone” was written at the end of last year after spending time (documented on these here pages) relishing the quiet creativity that being alone was bringing to my life.  After the voices got louder and then piped down a bit, of course.  Do go out/get on their website an pick up a copy if you like all things vintage and British and fun and all of those beautifully heartwarming pleasures that make life wonderful.

So here’s to savouring blue skies, greenery awakening all around us and really celebrating our good fortunes and ourselves, in all of our weird, wonderful and unique glory!



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