Writing: Imprints in Wax

Here is the complete experiment.  Next stage – explore making the same consistency with crayon wax + soft furniture wax.  Cooking up a treat!  Inspired by the wax sealing stamps keeping privacy of mail intact before Royal Mail came along.  The personal stamp, the keeping correspondence sealed, but with a soft delicacy that is vulnerable to manipulation and the temptation of nosing others.  I am intrigued by the idea, the psychology and the blurred boundary between the public and the private, our home and outward lives.  How as an artist and writer in order to make authentic work in some way these boundaries have to be faced head on, in some way.  Whatever the idea, the expression, whether it’s delightfully daft and/or heartbreakingly honest, the courage to say it, to put it out there is the same.  To be seen.

Home in Wax

Home in Wax 2


I like the sickly look and texture of this wax and the way in which ink left on the stamps has been transfered muddying this sentiment. Only in documenting this experiment has the soft quality of these materials become something different, something darker (in my eyes anyway…).

Being in this process is amazing!  Feeling very at home and enjoying the highs and challenges.

Bloomin’ brilliant!


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