Springing Into A New Creative Project

As the daffodils are springing up alongside the pathways of Bristol and the blue skies can be seen welcoming sun rays, the beginnings of a bigger and more exciting creative project are also blossoming.

I have spent many an hour contemplating the word, concept, physicality, emotionality and all round perspective of the word “Home” over the last few years, and this is where I find myself bringing my focus to as I bristle with longing for a creative project.  So here I start!  With 3 weeks to myself over Easter I cannot wait to be getting up every day to this exploration.  Beginning with a week of research and exploring all around it (although, as I’m so eager to get start  now this is already in flow and will be developing over the next 2 weeks before those 3 weeks even begins!), exploring different media and making processes and being inspired by others, asking others what “Home” means to them and generally taking a good old curious nose to everything that comes up!  If, how and where I shall display the final works I do not know, but here I begin…

home start



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