Light and Bright

As another year begins I feel fresh and full of hope and excitement!  2012 brought great growth and creativity.  I learned that others are interested in the dusty corners of my creative ponderings and putting it out there isn’t so scary, going it alone and jumping into spending quality time in solitude is joyous and beautiful, putting my heart into a career you love brings with it rewards and fulfilment I could never have imagined and that love certainly makes the world go round.

My Resolutions

2013 brings with it:

Planning, planting and nurturing an allotment

An Arvon poetry course

Properly training for the Bristol 10k and working on beating the PB

Relishing moments of solitude

Nourishing relationships with people I love

Being open to the new

Giving my work my full attention and energy

Spending time experiencing music

More singing

Learning more bad jokes

Taking care to sleep well

Stealing moments to kiss and hug

Finding more reasons to laugh

Letting people know what’s great about them

Immersing myself in the colour of the every day

More charity shop rummaging

More colourful food

More moments outdoors

More free wheeling down hills

Seizing opportunities to be creative in any way I can

Looking for beauty every day

the mundane

In loving memory of my dad who would have been 66 today.

Happy New Year, all.  May it bring love, beauty, creativity and much laughter.



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