Embracing Being Alone.

Good afternoon.

Where on earth has December come from?!  Term 1 at LB HQ has come to a close, as of yesterday and now I let out a long, relaxing breath.  It has been amazing.  Exhausting, head spin inducing and totally brilliant!

There is nothing quite like having Roadrunner legs and to remind you the importance of slowing yourself down.. and hopefully not with a well positioned anvil a-la Wiley Coyote.  I have been practising something rather unusual for me this last few months: resting.  This does not come naturally, and I find it rather tricky not doing something that is useful/fun/stimulating/in company/productive in some way or other.  However, through lessons of hitting brick walls and bouncing onto my backside I am beginning to more and more see the value in making time to rest and unwind regularly, even daily (!?) so as to keep a myself well.

This often involves being alone.  Wow, how tricky that one is, and I don’t think I’m alone (ironically!) in feeling this.  However, through being alone and allowing my true self to be seen, heard, felt and loved by me (oh the novelty!) the bits of life that involve other people are beginning to take on a richness and authenticity that is at the same time refreshing and wonderful as well as grounding and honest.  The exquisite sumptuousness that is coming from seemingly just doing nothing is a real adventure that I am merely in the beginning steps of.

In other news, and in the name of balance and creative nourishment, I am off for tea with the lovely Jo from Pretty Nostalgic later on to talk all things vintage, green, British and writing!  Followed by a day of Poetry writing at Bristol Folk House tomorrow.  I am so very grateful to have the space opening up, once I have calmed down, to find the time and energy to pursue what is really important to me.  Needless to say I will be spending this evening alone in my beautiful haven at home making Christmas presents and recharging.


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