Pretty Nostalgic Contribution

Hello all,

Long time and no see!  My word, where has this year gone!?  Light Box’s 3 year Happiness Project is off with a bang and the wonderful allotment I have taken on for a while is beginning to look a bit more allotment like.  The Autumn is being thoroughly enjoyed, friends caught up with and Abel and Cole account set up.  I always feel like September and October is a big time of renewal and change.  Perhaps it’s the being stuck in the Academic Year… but there is certainly something about the change of the season, the bedding in for the cold snaps and the dusting off of the tweed and vintage leather boots that just brings with it a chance for cups of tea and reflection during cosy nights in.

I can’t quite believe it has been 3 years since I moved to Bristol.  I have loved every last minute here and my word, how much life has grown and flourished since I set foot here.  I am currently back in Pembrokeshire for a few days with family and I realise that I haven’t picked up Pretty Nostalgic Issue 3 yet and come across it in the shop.  To my surprise I find my letter (see below) on page 4’s “Get Involved”.  WOW!  Excellent!!  I emailed the lovely Editor Jo a couple of months ago, eager to get involved, and was asked to contribute something for the letters page.  I simply assumed this would sit for a while within the hefty postbag of other contributing letters… but no!  There it is in all of it’s glory!  That’s me in my fella, at the time’s, gorgeous 1971 Austin Healey Sprite. Fondly known as VUNK.  A mix of pride and sadness in reading the letter, as we are no longer together, and the letter hopefully and happily talks about our trips out in vintage style to far flung places.  But they are great memories, and we have both moved on to happier lives, so these sepia tinged memories have more of a nostalgic edge than intended.

Thrifty Little Motor

“You love vintage stuff. Will loves vintage cars. You should totally go out on a date!” These were the words of a mutual friend, but I wasn’t convinced at the time that this could be the base for a lasting bond.  However, 9 months later, Will and I are adventuring together and all is rosy in the world.  Admittedly, my ever increasing array or second hand finds don’t provide quite as much pleasure for Will, but his 1971 Austin Healey Sprite is mutually adored.  

At any opportunity, we go road tripping with the roof down, wind in our hair and tool kit in boot.  This summer we travelled to Barry Island for ice cream and 2p machines, Pembrokeshire for a relaxing weekend with my Ma and Dorset for a cider festival, with only a map and our singing voices to entertain ourselves.  

I picked up up issue one of Pretty Nostalgic at the Magpie Vintage Market in Bristol a few weeks ago and have savoured every article.  I particularly enjoyed your feature on coloured glass (I have been a collector for years), the salvage chap from north Wales and slow fashion.  I’ve felt that vintage is a way of life rather than a fashion fad for a number of years and, now that I have found a fella who loves vintage cars, even travel has all of the excitement of the beautifully made. 

So here’s to more of what we love this Autumn.



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