Pretty Nostalgic

So, my word, what a long time it has been since I have paused to reflect and blog.  A lot of exciting things going on at the moment.  Light Box is in the final 2 weeks of preparations for the launch of the 3 year project.  The walls are painted, workshops planned, resources bought, outreach tasters in the process, flyers out… and a whole host of other things in between.  I am feeling extremely grateful to have the job that I do!!

A couple of months ago I came across Pretty Nostalgic magazine at the great Magpie Market vintage fair in Bristol and have been devouring each article of the first and second editions ever since.  With a great blend of all things British and vintage, a fun and relaxed writing style, beautiful images and interviews with interesting people involved in all manner of vintage lifestyle, it makes for the perfect partner for a cuppa.  Thoroughly enjoying their reporting on medicinal herbs and foraging.


Pretty Nostalgic.

So here’s to day-to-day beauty and creativity.  I feel another project coming on.  It’s been too long since I had focus with what I’m doing.

Lots of beach plastic collected in Pembrokeshire is sitting in my studio ready for playing with and making pieces.  Poetry books being read and writing explored.  Ahh… hello creative self.  How I’ve missed you.



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