The “28 Days Notice” project was inspired working with Melanie Thompson and Christos Polymenakos  at the Performance Writing weekend #2.  Having such great learning and creating experience within this project I set up a small “noticing line” as part of the Arts Trail and here are the contributions from visitors:

What do you notice?

An unusual table reservation: 4 x workmen.

Tiny spiders weaving webs intricately with purpose and determination to catch their breakfast, lunch and super.  Beautiful?

Orange, and my finger hurting.

The fluctuations of the mind this morning and ongoing noticing of small slugs.


Cornflowers grow in some people’s gardens.

The heart in the art


Someone else who notices the small things. Thank you!

Clouds! Clouds! Clouds!  Peeling paint.

Rain drops on tiny leaves.

A three year old playing with buttons.

How peaceful Easton is in the morning.

A person like me who loves to search the pebble beach and collect.


Seeing the beauty in forgotten objects.

Beauty is all around us!

Union Jack bunting.

The beauty of life.

The peanut butter cookies were all different shapes and sizes and some had massive  bits of chocolate in.  Yum.

Colour archiving time and space.

The beauty of beach rubbish.

The enveloping smell of honeysuckle.

I have really enjoyed reading these.  Thank you all!  What a lot of lovely noticing.  Appreciating beauty and taking time to be mindful is such a wonderful, positive way to spend time.  I love it.  With “Appreciation of Beauty” as my top strength it is a pleasure, gives life meaning and is great for well-being.  TRIPLE WIN! What a joy to be engaging with my top strength noticing.


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