Easton Arts Trail This Weekend

So, this weekend is the Easton Arts Trail 2012!  It has come around so fast, and wow am I excited.  This is my first exhibition of anything I have made in 10 years (and even then the A Level brief was far from self-exploratory).  I am readying my bits and pieces and can’t wait to fill my front room.  Thank heavens for a practical partner who can help out with the finishing touches, as I worry about the prettifying.

So come on down, if you are around!  It promises to be a super weekend.

Details Here for Trail

…and so to round up the 28 Days Notice project with a final comment:

This project has impacted much more than I expected it to.  I have become involved with the making and noticing and living creatively in a way I did not foresee.  To keep an eye on creative possibility and take daily time for myself to be with this process and to step back and simply “notice” has been challenging and incredibly enlightening.  Working towards the aim of having a finished set of documentation at the end, to show at the Easton Arts Trail, kept me on course.  It cleared my focus, but also turned the days where other elements of life took over and turned them into real learning experiences.  Asking the question “What opportunities did I shy away from?”  “Why didn’t I take time out?”  “ What did I let prioritise over this?”  and “ How did engaging/not engaging make me feel?”

Nothing is a failure.  A lack of image makes way for a strengthened urge and motivation and return to my studio, or to my notebook in a café, and stop to watch the world.  To explore the materials in front of me, and look at the world as being FULL of rich and beautiful material, from any source.  The snippets of conversation, brain worms, striking visuals, brilliant colours, bizarre moments and connections with others.  My sense of self purpose and awareness has deepened.  In noticing the world I notice myself.  From seemingly small actions inspiration and creativity bloom.   It is using the sense that a desire to play emerges.  To move away from the books, others words, others projections and to connect with pure creative energy.

“The be an artists it to recognise the particular, to appreciate the peculiar.  It is not to keep trying to be something we are not” 


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