(cont.) 28 Days Later

Day 19: Today I spend a few hours in the studio making rubber stamps and playing with them.  I make the word LUSH from an old rubber, carefully cutting away the letters, only to realise I have written in the “right” but wrong way and so it stamps backwards.  The second attempt it much more successful and I continue to make a few postcards and I then write and send them to a number of friends who I don’t see very often.  A super, enjoyable thing to do and a lovely way to spread the creative 28 Days Later love.

Day 20: Funding news!  Today I made no time for making anything… I was firmly caught up in the nerves, elation, relief and exhaustion after finding out that I have a secure job doing something I love for the next 3 years.  My creative moments take a back seat for this.  I feel the absence.

Day 21: A beautiful day at a wedding.  My camera is out for the classic snaps, but I also notice the beauty and playfulness of the confetti on the Bride’s dress.  Not a great shot, but I felt rather conspicuous in taking this shot.  However, I find myself bolder and more confident in seizing those moments.   This process is certainly having a great impact.

Day 22:  Today is the day after the night before.  I find myself caught up with others and feeling tired.  Again, the loss of even a short time focusing myself creatively is greatly missed.  It is becoming a big part of my day, and is becoming a curious and adventurous way of looking.

Day 23: A family day of Jubilee celebrations.  I spend some time helping with the party display… or rather making small union jack flags on cocktail sticks to stick in the tomatoes.  A fun way of embracing a busy day and lots of lovely people time, even though I’m feeling a bit burnt out.

Day 24:  I spend time talking with the party host, my partner’s sister, about all of her intriguing and beautiful objects from her travels that sit in her living room.  Her collection of memories and objects that have so much personal story nestled in them provides a lovely time for connection and learning about someone else’s passions, adventures and life.  I spend some time photographing close ups of the objects.

Day 25: After a hectic day back in work I venture for a relaxing massage to soothe my wearied mind and body.  I spend some time while waiting for my appointment blind drawing the water jug and glass in the waiting room, savouring those moments of space and calm.

Day 26: Today the weekend catches up with me.  Julia Cameron calls it Kriya:  The Sanscrit for an outpouring of physical stress when change is occurring in life.  I am fully immersed in this as I am physically and emotionally drained.  I head to bed and stay put.

Day 27: Today I am looking for inspiration in the debris of other people’s studio work spaces.  I spend time appreciating and savouring the build up of coloured spray paint on the studio wall where a fellow studier has been preparing his canvases.  There beautiful, textural remnants are pieces of work, by chance, in themselves.

Day 28:  Back in the studio today, thoroughly inspired by the wonderful array of work at Jamaica Street Studios, I notice that my particular window stencil is now shadowing on the crumbling wall.  The ramshackle appearance of the studio is something I love about it, and it becomes a beautiful canvas for the light and shadow of this moment in particular.


So now I am complete.  I have made it though to Day 28 and I am preparing for the Easton Arts Trail display of the documentation of my project.  I shall summarise, reflect and respond to this before I display and discuss the project at the Arts trail on June 31st.

Thank you for coming along for the journey with me, and  I hope you have found something useful here for yourself.


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