A Very Short Story

Applied Beauty

Prospect of the weekend’s social outing; hot date, dinner late, drinks on the terrace, a fag in the fire escape. Blue smoky eyes, dabbed on lids, assets accentuated. The table is just big enough to house the readying apparatus. Motion swaying on steely tracks is not ideal for precise lippy application. As she relaxes into the ceremonial preparation a cloud smattered glow catches her hard working eye…natural beauty beyond the mirror. Frank and perfect. Radiating. She double takes and visibly eases her rigid shoulders for a moment of complete immersion away from the daily ritual. A split instant greeting something greater. Nurturing sun she so eagerly avoids in order to maintain her porcelain veneer appears beyond the matter in hand, to feed. Then to be left, for a hands free chin wag of plans to be executed. She is hurried away. Back to her hopeful enhancement.


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