Performance Writing Weekend #2: Arnolfini

I spent May 5th and 6th at Arnolfini for my second weekend of Performance Writing, this time as it met Mapping.  A whole host of events and activities were taking place and the warm and inspiring duo in collaboration; Melanie Thompson and  Christos Polymenakos.

The weekend kicked off with the question and starting point “What do you notice?”.  From here all manner of making, discussion and performing unfolded and developed.  An intimate group, all perched on vibrant coloured bean bags in the Meeting Room came together to offer insight and support that culminated in a showing of our work on Sunday afternoon.  As I have beaten down the internal pressure to know what my ends are and just enjoy the enquiry and play, I found great inspiration here.  For the first time I felt truly at home at Arnolfini amongst like minds engaged in a dynamic practice.  here is some of the documentation of my work Break Out.

I have been inspired to begin a process focus project that I shall be launching in full this coming weekend, as I come back to myself in my studio and create from where I find myself.  But for now here is my documentation of last weekend’s happenings.

What do you notice?

trying not to look like I’m limping

heels on concrete

brightness through cloud

“that’s how they deal with elderly people…”

cold ai

back of throat

beeping alarms from closed venue

there’s a group of men – ignore them

“it’s a chicken, yeah”

orange wig

yellow legs

water fight

laughing faces

open sunny square


my reflection in the silver ball

cold left hand holding my book

feeling safety away from people

checking my phone to look

engrossed as passing people

turn around


breath clean air

distant sirens

purposefully ignoring the mass of chain restaurants

feel my chest tingle with irritation


filthy butts

chuckle to myself the dance of the tall, black big issue seller

“no thanks”

the bounce of the bridge

can of tenant’s super

what would it be like to be drunk


heel throbbing

canal barge steam

that patch of grass by arnolfini

never noticed that before



Break Out

With attention to the methodologies and my interest in collection, glass, transparency, the private and the public, moments of engagement and flow, the stitch, memorial, language, heritage, imposed links and commonalities, framing and light.






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