Saying Yes – Making Things Happen!

With thanks to a couple of weekends of travelling by train to see family and friends in deepest, darkest Wales I have managed to read Danny Wallace’s ‘Yes Man’.  I just couldn’t put it down and laughed out loud (or indeed LOLed) in public, on my own, on more than one occasion.  I find this man inspiring, and I love the way he writes.  I think that I shall email him and tell him.  He strikes me as the sort of chap who would enjoy hearing that.  If he checks his own mail, that is.  He may now have a harem of staff who cater to his every need and whim, but we’ll see.  I am now going to see if anyone can lend me his Random Acts of Kindness.

So here’s to opportunities and saying yes and positivity!!

I am very much looking forward to getting my own little Artist’s Way group going this Friday afternoon.  Lovely people I have met through Light Box and an dear (not so) old friend have all come together and the excited energy about sharing this together is ace.

Also, I have recently started singing lessons with Jules Olsen.  This is something I have wanted to do for a few years.  I finally found the courage through working with the Artist’s Way, which gave me the opportunity to look at creative elements of my life that I had left hidden away for whatever reason.  So now, 2 sessions in, I am feeling more and more confident and open with sharing my voice.  I have even been singing with the fella.  Bon Jovi’s Always is a favourite…

But here’s to the true soul that makes my insides tingle:


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