Today I now sit facing procrastination, fear and a big dollop of motivationlessness (it’s a new word…).  When I do not find the time, and ring fence it solidly in my diary, to play and create everything suffers.  I am frustrated, listless, fearful and stuck.  I see umpteen projects around me that are started but not complete and I find myself doing so much that I feel “should” be done and shifting my desire to play and create to the back burner.  I find myself wishing I could just be happy whatever, I am met with confusion and dismay at a lack of focus or clarity.  I have completed my meditation for today, I felt wonderfully calm for a while, so why the faff?!

I am going to give up asking why and analysing and find myself an action to shift things along a bit.

Tomorrow evening I shall go for a run and Friday morning I shall go to the studio for a couple of hours to take some photos of my found glass, tidy up and start setting some goals.

I am going to open up my home for the Arts Trail in Easton at the beginning of May, so I have something to aim for.  Or I rather like the idea of being involved in showing/selling some things within the Easton Community Centre.  I went there today for a cuppa with a friend and it wondered why I don’t go there more often!  It’s a great space.  This is calling me into action.  Even if it just a few cushions and small pieces, I need something to commit to and work towards.

On that note I am going to get sewing.  I have been planning some “old school sew and sews” for a while.


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