Studio Bimbling

I have very much been enjoying getting back into some studio time these last few weeks.  As the cold Winter seems to be passing us, the sun is out again and shining through the big and slightly grimy windows.  Hurrah!  I have been making more time to go to the studio in the mornings, before work to meditate.  I just love being in this space.  With the street noise, colour and view of the rooftops it’s a great place to slow down, simply be… and get into some making.  Here are some little bits of what I’ve been playing around with:

Sewing words, playing with thread and enjoying old, embroidered material findings.

Sewing with my hair to create net for plastic finds.

Bit of a Dark Horse in the making.

Found paper note to self.

Spray-painted canvas, dried petals and sewing.


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