The Wonderful World of Jennifer Collier

This fantastic artist find is thanks to Oh Comely magazine. My love for which has been stoked by the prospect of getting it through my letter box every two months on subscription, thanks to my lovely sister’s Christmas present. It is quite simply a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Ace! Thanks sis. On my travels to find inspiring and innovative artists that use paper, Jennifer Collier popped up, and in love with her work I have fallen.  I have quite an obsession with old paper, it’s smell and texture, the wonderful old fonts, diagrams in old science books and hardy binding and fabric covers that keep it all together.  Well, I cant love them too much because cutting them up to make new things is even better.  Jennifer’s painstaking, to scale objects are simply delicious.  The inner mechanisms of this typewriter are beautiful, and the stitching on her old cameras induces great “oohs” and the urge to gently fondle the texture.  Gorgeous map details make these objects things of great intricate and inspiring joy.

Check them out for yourselves!




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