The Artist’s Way: Where I’m At.

I am now on week 10 of The Artist’s Way ( ) course that I am working through as part of a fab, fun and supportive group in St Werburgh’s Community Centre, run by the very lovely This process in overcoming and understanding creative blocks has been truly mindblowing and lifechanging. The twists and turns have been hard, thick and fast but I feel like the shifts in my perception of myself, my creative power and how to embrace creation… well it’s just all too darn exciting for words. Along with writing daily Morning Pages to gain personal insight (and get rid of the brain clutter), and setting Artist’s Dates to be had throughout the week (mine have consisted of, amongst others, a weekend course at Arnolfini and tidying my food cupboards), I have been exploring what it is I love about life, creativity, art, making and fun explorations! A few things that have popped up are fabric, paper, touching gorgeous things, colour, old stuff, clothes….

So, i’ll get to the point (and putting it into words on this here Bloomin Elle will help to keep the focus) I am now going to dedicate my energy and focus on combining text, paper and textiles to explore all of the ideas, images and heart twitches I have floating around.

As I mention in the “What’s it all about, eh?!” section, I have studied Art History and Theory for years, am a trained teacher in this and have found it pretty creatively stifling, which took a while for me to register! The thought of creating inspired my fear as I just, quite simply, could never be as good as the artists I studied and love. The idea of “craft” and “applied art” versus “high art” and “the cannon”, even though I spent a lot of time exploring this shift dring my studies and teaching, had stuck fast and shaped a dream of fame and fortune being a traditional, academicaly respected practitioner. Which… I never started! I didn’t know where to begin. I felt no sense of excitement about this.

Now the thought of using the things I love, the materials that make my mouth water and my pulse race to produce artistic pieces (and indeed the odd cushion and bag) fills me with delight and happy anticipation. Never before have I felt the confidence and conviction that now pulses through my veins. Wahoo! Enjoying the journey ahead, having lots of fun, not judging the work and seeing what flows is the name of the game. Superb.

Wow!I cannot recommend The Artist’s Way enough. I was initally skeptical about the process due to the amount of references to “God” within the pages, but having substituted this for “flow” I have felt much positive growth.

An inspiring and beautiful piece, by the textile artist Ann Goddard, called Ecotype to get my research and inspiration buzzing:

Ann makes mixed media constructions that combine textile techniques (eg. stitching, felting) with incongruous materials (eg. bark, wood, slate, rubber). Her recent work explores the impact of human activity on biodiversity and this has influenced her choice of materials, method of construction and the overall form of the pieces. She is also part of the 62 Group, that I havejust come across.Lots of beautiful things here. Excellent.


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