vestige illumination

I’ve just found these images on my phone (and wow, I cannot wait to have a better model so the quality is a bit better). In the late Summer days I found savouring the light during a busy schedule refreshing and, indeed, illuminating. Finding the beauty of light and dark, varying hues of colour, in unexpected places felt exciting and has contributed greatly to a big sense of adventure that has been manifesting through 2011.

The above two images were taken on Nelson Street in Bristol that hit the headlines recently when the City Council organised a group of high profile graff artists to “spruce things up a bit”. While I had a wander down on a lunch break I was surprised by how many people were now using this as a street to congregate, to look, to enjoy, talk and laugh about all of the graff offerings. Even more intriguing were the transient shadows adding even more depth and texture.

The third photograph is one taken on the wall in, the then, “yoga room”. The low evening light and tree outside of the window created this depth of tone and it’s movement I found really centering. Rather apt and appropriate for a yoga room!







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