Summer Highlights

Submotion Orchestra at Big Chill. I stood too close to the speakers which meant the video sound was deafened by the bass, but what a beautiful gig. The eerie, haunting vocals from Ruby Wood, the hypnotic horns and keys and of course indulgent and enveloping tweaks and wonk from the desk moved me to glassy eyes. A perfect way to spend some time off of an afternoon.

Another bad quality image that doesn’t do this artist justice in the slightest. Andreya Triana blew me away with her soft, fluttering vocals at Big Chill this year. Having seen her last year at Metropolis Bristol, accompanied by hundreds of goosebumps, I couldn’t miss her. Her purely looped and layered version of Tainted Love was spectacular. Moments of real joy soaking up her beautiful skills, and the goosebumps were back in force.

Saturday night at Big Chill saw Craig Charles delivering his live 6Music show again from Big Chill Radio. I popped off for a bit of a look-see before I started the night shift and ended up spending 45 minutes dancing away to belting tune after cracking funk track. Made all the more entertaining by his evident enjoyment of the occasion. A whole lot of smiling faces, bendy legs and gyrating hips. Ace!

So to Endorse It In Dorset! What a surprise this was. A long weekend of 60 hours of work, but much fun had. Especially on the Ladies Day on Sunday when watching groups of pretty hard looking rocker chappies strut around in dresses. The attention to detail with bags and hats made my day!


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