Happy Monday!

So, it’s Monday morning. I’ve been trying to sleep after a 5.30am finish with the pies, but feeling renewed and rejuvenated (if not little spaced out and twitchy) and full of a lust for life. Therefore, I thought how better than to take it to my own bit of cyber space and mark this pondering witterment with a spot of bloomin elle action.

I am mostly pondering generosity and the impact it has on us. I’ve been feeling beautifully overwhelmed by the great generosity of a number of a people in my life through their giving of time, kindness, food and compassion of late. Gratitude for others generosity of all shapes and sizes and hues is a wonderful feeling adding much vibrancy to a day… but giving away 80+freshly cooked pies to a hoard of hungry festival staff last night was summink else! I got, what can only be described as, an unadulterated natural high from dishing this all out to folks that were so grateful to get there faces in something hot. This may sound like a bizarre thing to be happy about in terms of business, but the pies had to be gotten rid of sharing the wealth and crispy pastry goodness… well, what a way to end a weekend. It was an opportunity for playful banter and human connection and has made me think about how food, and cooking for others is a great way of making time for relationships, with those just met and indeed those closest to us. We often meet friends for pints, bottles of vino or something stronger to chew the fat and put the world to rights, but how often do we take time to pop some veg in the oven, whip up a salad or just get the beans on fresh toast? Catering for the basic need of nutritional sustenance and taking time over preparing good food with love, popping in a bit of creative recipe making (if you’re anything like me: just bung it in, innit!) and you have quite the renewing, nurturing and smile inducing get together.

I vow to engage more with my friends in this way. Nothing will replace the beauty of a spot of rum and some silly dancing and great tunes, but, maybe i’m getting old… or maybe i’m noticing that relationships deserve more care and attention to detail.

Happy, twitchy witter over.



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