Using strength “Appreciation of Beauty” more…

Shadows at Cult of Beauty exhibition. V&A.

Here is a list of 20 ways to use my top strength “Appreciation of Beauty” more in every day life. Working to our strengths has been found to increase our engagement and pleasure with life.

1. Notice at least one instance of natural beauty around you every day (sunrise, sunset, clouds,
sunshine, snowfall, rainbows, trees, moving leaves, birds chirping, flowers, fruits and vegetables, etc).
2. Make your surroundings aesthetically beautiful.
3. Listen a piece of music or a watch a film and evaluate how it touches you aesthetically.
4. Visit a museum, pick a piece of art, and consider how it touches you aesthetically.
5. Write your aesthetic/artistic reactions to another person’s artistic expression.
6. Appreciate a beautiful piece of architecture, dress, sculpture, pottery, poetry, prose, etc.
7. Explore expression of beauty in different cultures.
8. Hang a bird feeder and observe the birds.
9. Decorate the outside of your home on special occasions.
10. Explore beauty in the face of a child.

11. Take mental pictures of art and note how they affect your everyday life. Do they make you feel more
happy, cheerful, and fulfilled?
12. Take pictures of natural scenes or your loved ones and make them your PC’s desktop.
13. Note weekly how the goodness of other people affects your life.
14. Think of something that contains beauty, love, and connection at least once a day.
15. For next three projects, pick at least one. Instead of doing it meticulously, prioritize to do it with care
and an appreciation for beauty.
16. Attend local exhibits of clothes, jewelry, cultural artifacts, and paintings.
17. Experience at least once a day the excellence, beauty, and joy expressed through colors, sounds,
flavors, images, ideas, aromas, sensations, or words.
18. Notice how others appreciate beauty and excellence through specific words, expressions, gestures,
and actions.
19. Notice and admire excellence of someone’s character strengths.
20. Appreciate the subtle changes of different seasons.


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